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The NASA Biosciences building is a 40,000 sq-ft laboratory with wet chemistry lab and offices within the NASA Ames Research center. The lab is two story reinforced concrete shear wall structure with reconfigurable lab spaces in use for interdisciplinary research, including space biology, astrobiology, and bioengineering. Facilities include research areas, procedure rooms, radiation lab, environmental and tissue culture suites. 

For the conference rooms and office spaces, the low glare mode lights used has both direct light for the work spaces, and indirect light that spill out the surrounding ceiling areas. The use of recessed LED provides wall wash ad In contrast, the laboratories, there is a distinct need between illuminating the workspace versus the illuminating the architecture. In the lab spaces, there is a small linear concealed LED light that precisely extrudes at an angle to create an asymmetric distribution of light. This function creates a cove in the lighting fixture that is ideal in illuminating the white ceiling evenly, creating a ceiling graze, indirectly luminating the architecture. Within the ceiling graze, there are light fixtures and task lights on the lab desks that directly lights up the lab benches below for an illuminated workspace. The cove lighting and the lab lighting allows for multi-direction light. The coordination between the lighting fixtures and the mechanical equipment of the biosciences building requires careful precision. 

In the exterior of the building, there is a terrace with LED lights highlighting the columns along the walkway. The asymmetrical light washes down the columns and spills onto the terrace and indirectly lights up the staircases and planting beds located on the terrace. 


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Moffett Field, CA
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