dotlight sculpture rollover firm_infodot  
      Reactivated Historic Ceolostat and Fiber Optic Light Fixture
Pasadena, CA:
Integration of celeostat re-activation design with a fiber optic light fixture drawing light into the below-grade laboratories.
(Architect: Architectural Resources Group, Inc.)

New York City, NY:
Rooftop solar tracking telescope delivers sunlight to 240' fiber optic sculpture.

      Luminous Staircase
Berkeley, CA:
Staircase with integral LED Lighting creating interior light sculpture.


      Light Cannon
Berkeley, CA:
Sculptural canon formed on roof delivers sun to interior light pipe.

      California Science Center Air & Space Museum Facade
Los Angeles, CA:
Dancing lights on the surface of the museum roof celebrate the space shuttle exhibited within.
(Architect: ZGF)